Welcome to Caraivas in Brazil!

We are committed to the awakening of a creative new consciousness  through a respectful and loving education in close contact to nature!



Caraivas Center


Within a 30 acres ecological reserve, the Caraivas Retreat Center was created and founded in 2004,  by Jeanne Marie White, an architect-educator and environmentalist 

to contribute to the awakening of a Conscious Humanity.


Its mission is based on Deep Ecology,

a respectful way of relating to oneself, to each other and to the environment.


The project is an appeal to a conscious re-education from the heart,

calling for a more loving, harmonious, caring and  respectful humanity.


Since 2004, Caraivas has organized and host many retreats, workshops, courses and talks in education, ecology, holistic health, healing, spiritiality, art,

meditation, yoga, and transpersonal psychology.


Caraivas Ecological Reserve


The headquarters for this project is in the Caraivas Ecological Reserve,

a 100-acre property of beautiful Cerrado – a unique bioma in the heart of Brazil. For 35 years this area has been recovered and preserved with care and dedication.


We are located in the  Pireneus APA (Area of Environmental Preservation),  on the Pireneus Range, 12 km from the a historical town of Pirenopolis, 150 km from Brasilia.

The Pireneus Range is a continental watershed and cradle for many springs.

Caraivas natural reserve is a sanctuary for a rich  biodiverty

and Dhyana, a majestic waterfall.



EcoVilla Caraivas


Built 100 meters from the Barriguda creek, with simplicity, love, care and creativity, to host people and events, the compound with five houses, a community hall, a community kitchen, and plus: pool, sauna and massage area, and hiking trails.


We host events, individual retreats, artist retreats, groups, and families.

We also rent the facility to other groups that ressonate with our purpose.


** We can accommodate up to 40 people for shorter or longer terms.




Caraívas comes from a popular given name for the Cerrado Yellow Ipe,


Tabebuia Ochrácea 


"By the end of the Cerrado dry season,

when everything seams hopeless...

 the golden shining yellow Caraivas flowers blossom and flourish...

...Points of Light...

announcing the arrival of the water season

... a time for abundance..."(jeanne marie)


Descover your true essence, new ways of being, living and caring


Rest  /  Create  /   Contemplate  /  Surprise yourself


Come to experience your true self in an intimate encounter

with the Brazilian exuberant  nature!