"My mission is to contribute with my personal and professional knowledge and experience to projects and institutions that aim to expand the human consciousness towards

a healthier, creative, loving, and more sustainable world."


Jeanne Marie White is the founder and coordinator of the Caraivas-Surya Vidya Project in Brazil.


She is an architect-educator, writer, lecturer and facilitator of workshops and retreats in education, meditation, esotericism, ecology, design, and arts in Brazil, Europe and in the United States, where she has lived for 20 years in California.


She was professor of design at the University of California in Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College. 


She was a staff member of the Meditation Mount for seven years, and is still a collaborator for the Mount for more than 20 years. 


Today she is the international coordinator of ALMA Education International and president of the Surya Vidya Education Network for Enlightened Hearts, both based in Ojai, California.

She is the author of six books.

For contact:                              
+55 (61) 99845-4487 (62) 99980-4487 (Whatsapp)

Presently she lives in Brasília